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Garage Door Opener Repair and more for Jacksonville, FL

Aldor Sales, Inc. provides garage door opener repairs for Jacksonville, FL. It can be upsetting if your garage door opener stops working properly. If your garage door opener stops working please contact us for assistance.

Reasons to call us for garage door opener repair

Your garage door opener might not be running the same as it did in the past. If your garage door opener is making strange noises it should be looked at. This strange noises can often be disruptive or annoying. Another reason to call us for garage door repair is if your garage door is not opening and closing properly. Something might be out of alignment. Please call Aldor Sales Inc. for all your garage door opener repairs.

Contact us to learn more about our garage door repair services.

Aldor Sales, Inc. also provides a variety of garage door repair services. We can repair broken springs, snapped cables, damaged garage panels, and more. We can also fix garage doors that are off the track. It is important to make sure that your garage door is working properly. If the weather is acting up, you don’t want to have to leave your vehicle outside. Please contact us to learn more about our garage door repairs. We have been providing garage door repairs for over 43 years.


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